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Karen holmes

Karen is originally from Virginia with roots in North Carolina. She has traveled quite a bit and lived in Colorado, Washington state, Ohio, Louisiana and Texas as well as overseas in Egypt, UK, and Brazil. While
she always loved the Carolinas she never thought her family would be lucky enough to live here!
Karen has always been attracted to dierent art forms and started sketching and drawing quite a bit when very young; That led to attempting watercolor, oil painting, pastels and acrylic media!
While living in Louisiana and Texas she experimented with fabric painting including cotton, silk and canvas, which led to acrylic painting and pouring. Acrylic mediums are versatile, and easily modified so in her
paintings she has used a variety of layers and techniques to build depth and atmosphere. Sometimes the outcomes are unpredictable, but almost always interesting!
Karen F.C. Holmes
3760 Green River Rd. !
Zirconia, NC 28790!
Text / Cell (Preferred) 832 277 2261!
Hm Ph. 828 697 2962
Karen Holmes

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