Meet the artists

Joe Lowery officially opened Fountain Inn’s first art gallery

Joseph Lowery

As a child, Joseph wanted to be an artist.  Drawing with a pencil was a favorite past time.  But, Joe became an engineer and gave up art until he after he retired.  He returned to drawing in 2013 when he joined a colored pencil workshop for a year with his granddaughter.  He painted his first picture when he started taking art classes in Greenville SC in 2017.  He exhibited his work in 3 galleries in Greenville before opening The Back Door Gallery in Fountain Inn. Visit the art gallery to buy his elegant masterpieces.

Joe’s paintings are available for sale online at his shop: Art by Joseph Lowery, at the Back Door Art Gallery, Fountain Inn South Carolina

Shradha Gupta

Hello, my name is Shradha (sh-r-aa-d-aa) Gupta. I have been an artist for the last 20 years and currently live happily in Greenville, South Carolina, with my husband and two children. I have a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and a Minor in Web Developing and have been in the Fine Arts field for a long time. I have been a Computer Graphics Instructor at Greenville Technical College since 2019 and am also a full-time artist with a strong, unbending passion for art. I always carry a handy pencil and piece of paper with me so I can quickly capture the plethora of ideas that pop into my head. Since most of my inspiration for my art comes from nature, I am partial to my waterfall, animal, and flower pieces, although I love to create artwork on all kinds of subjects.

Her paintings are for sale at the Back Door Art Gallery, Fountain Inn South Carolina, online on Instagramand at her online art shop

Artist Shradha Gupta

Sue Gunst

Always interested in drawing and painting, Sue Gunst started painting in fifth grade and has continued throughout her life. Originally interested in biological illustration , she graduated college with a fine arts degree and a teaching certificate for art. Since moving to SC , Sue has been all in – primarily painting local scenes.

Her paintings are available for sale at the Back Door Art Gallery, Fountain Inn South Carolina and  online on Instagram.

Nancy Reynolds

Nancy is a Georgia native but has lived in South Carolina since she graduated from Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. She spent 25 years working for KEMET Electronics as a quality engineer and product manager. After retirement, she wanted to do something creative and signed up for mixed media classes at The Art Haven in Fountain Inn. (And followed them to their current home in Mauldin.) She enjoyed learning pastel and acrylic media but fell in love with watercolor. She has pursued watercolor online, learning from Angela Fehr and Jean Haines, among others. She is inspired by nature and landscapes and the many places she has traveled.

Her paintings are available for sale at the Back Door Art Gallery, Fountain Inn South Carolina .

Artist Nancy Reynolds

Rita Smith

Rita is a proud Greenville native, born and raised. She began her career as a math teacher in Columbia and then in Greenville. It was not
until after Rita retired that she took up oil painting.
What a blessing this new, creative adventure has been for this former math teacher.
Who knew!
It all started with Rita’s love of photography, composition, and color. She typically paints from her own photographs or from ones
supplied to her by those hoping to preserve very special memories.

Rita’s subjects vary from landscapes, seascapes, and florals to more rustic subjects like barns, covered bridges, and tractors.

Her paintings are available for sale at the Back Door Art Gallery, Fountain Inn South Carolina and  online on Instagram.

Mac Clarkson

Born in Columbia SC., Mac Clarkson grew up in the Taylors S.C. area but has spent over 50 years in the Simpsonville area. He is a self-taught artist who likes all fashions of art and craft. He enjoys oil painting, acrylic fluid art (pour painting) and spray paint art. Mac will paint on just about anything that will accept paint, including stretched canvas, bottles, saw blades tiles, stools, and many other media. Uniquely decorated walking sticks, bookmarkers, and some woodworking are among the crafts that keep Mac busy when not painting. Utilizing his experience in carpentry, he has built Christmas Pageant sets, Vacation Bible School sets, and Christmas floats for the church he attends. Mac also plays the drums for his church. Mac had an early career in residential construction and since 1989, has worked in the Drafting field. Currently a Drafting Coordinator with a prestress company here in the Greenville area. Mac has a creative eye, loves God, inspiration, color, and happiness. He is looking forward to being more involved in the art world in the years to come. More of his artwork can be viewed on Instagram at Maxxartwork21.

He exhibits his work in The Back Door Gallery in Fountain Inn. Visit the art gallery to buy his elegant masterpieces.

His Paintings are available for sale at the The Back Door Art Gallery, Fountain Inn South Carolina. 

Artist Mac Clarkson

Tony Williams

Tony was born and raised in Laurens, South Carolina to a family of 8 children. To keep himself occupied he picked up drawing from his older brother. This started around the age of 6. Tony was so good at recreating people that his mother would bring home pictures for him to recreate, for her coworkers. Tony was the illustrator for a book that was published in 2018 and has currently completed the illustrations for a children’s book that is waiting publication. In his regular time, Tony is working on creating and printing his own comic books. Tony is a self taught artist.
His paintings are available for sale at the The Back Door Art Gallery, Fountain Inn South Carolina. 


With confident brushstrokes Gayle tickles our imaginations with her fun and unique take.  About Gayle’s paintings one of her admirers points out “Life would be that much more dull for the rest of us without Gayle’s art”.  There’s so much joy in watching the playful dance with style, color and emotion.” “Gayle paints in verbs
instead of nouns, movement, and feeling”
Gayle received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Maryland, but her favorite classes were drawing and graphic arts. As an adult her professional world’s first in medicine
then insurance took her to Washington DC, Maryland and California where her love of art brought her to Apparel Arts of San Francisco. At AASF, Gayle delved into clothing design and patterning. She found a second creative outlet watercolor painting. She took watercolor classes in San Mateo, CA and Bloomington, IL, experienced plein air painting with Myna Wacknov in Brugge, Belgium, and worked with many talented teachers in Bloomington where she was involved in two art salons at the Eaton Gallery. She co-founded Inside Out: Accessible Art, a Co-Op Gallery in Bloomington, IL.
  Since relocating to South Carolina Gayle’s paintings were sold at Society of Bluffton Artists in Bluffton, SC, the Art League of Hilton Head, the Landings Art Association in Savannah, GA. and now at Open Art Studios in Greenville, SC.  Her work has won her awards and was included in the Telfair Museum F3A Show 2017, 2018 & 2109. Gayle’s paintings were the cover art for Lady Lowcountry Magazine all of 2016, August 2018 issue of Skinnie Magazine, Savannah and September 2018 issue of Pink Magazine, Beaufort County.

Facebook: Gayle Miller

Instagram: gayle_43


Pam was formally trained at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in art. Pam then taught art, music, and drama at the secondary level in Greenville County until the birth of her first child. After twenty-eight years as a homemaker, Pam returned to her passion for drawing and painting. Right now her specialty is watercolor, although she enjoys every media of art from oils to pottery. The subject matter she uses varies, but she loves to paint landscapes, old buildings, and animals. It seems that her passion for drawing and her eye for buildings date back to her childhood. “All the arts have always been a part of my life, starting with piano at the age of five,” says Pam. “As a little girl, I would also sit at my window in my home in Alexandria, Virginia, and sketch the homes across the street. This was entertaining to me since I was an only child.” Pam continues to entertain others with her talent. Regardless of her subject matter, one finds her choice of color irresistible to the eye. Her paintings realistically capture her subject matter through her choice of color, line, shape, value, texture, and perspective. They are cheery and inviting. She leaves her buyers and admirers feeling as if they could jump in the picture and join the scene. Pam’s paintings are inspired by her travels to England, Italy, and France; by her love for life; and by her love for her family and friends. Because so many people relate to her work, Pam has begun to personalize and customize specifically to each buyer through giclee prints of her paintings. Pam has entered and was accepted in juried shows throughout South Carolina. She has exhibited her work in various places in Greenville and Anderson, SC and Nashville, TN. She is a member of the Metropolitan Arts Council (MAC) in Greenville, SC and recently participated in the 2017 Open Studios. Since owning and operating Butterflies and Bullfrogs, a children’s boutique in Greenville, she has been painting full time. Pam has lived in Greenville, SC, since 1958 with her husband, Carl. They have two adult daughters and three grandchildren